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 CS 1.6 , 1.5 Servers

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PostSubject: CS 1.6 , 1.5 Servers   Wed Feb 13, 2008 10:50 am

SO Now i will Say CS 1.5 , 1.6 Servers
Server List OptiLAN #01 Classic OptiLAN #10 SuperHero OptiLAN #11 Italy2 OptiLAN #12 Fun OptiLAN #02 Classic OptiLAN #03 Massive OptiLAN #04 Classic OptiLAN #05 Retro OptiLAN #06 War3FT SaveXP OptiLAN #07 War3FT SaveXP OptiLAN #08 War3FT OptiLAN #09 War3FT
Headoff Counter-Strike
Headoff Classic Counter-Strike
Headoff Aztec Forever Counter-Strike
Headoff Perfect I1 Counter-Strike
Headoff Perfect I2 Counter-Strike
Headoff Perfect I3 Counter-Strike
Headoff Perfect I4 Counter-Strike
Headoff Perfect I5 Counter-Strike
Headoff Perfect I6 Counter-Strike
Headoff Perfect I7 Counter-Strike
Headoff Perfect I8 Counter-Strike
Headoff Deathmatch Speedball Counter-Strike
Headoff Arctic Ice Speedball Counter-Strike
Headoff City-LAN Polar Speedball Counter-Strike
Headoff City-LAN Ice Speedball Counter-Strike
Headoff Pure Rome Counter-Strike
Headoff Pure Genoa Counter-Strike
Headoff Pure Florence Counter-Strike
Headoff Pure Lima Counter-Strike
Headoff Pure City-LAN Counter-Strike
.:Ma3x:. CS Open 1.6 #1
.:Ma3x:. CS Open 1.6 #2
.:Ma3x:. Team #2 (m0uze & nLp)
.:Ma3x:. Team #1 (msb & xg)
.:Ma3x:. Team ARENA
.:Ma3x:. Respawn #1
.:Ma3x:. Team #3 (Nrg & k7b)
.:Ma3x:. CS WC3 #1
.:Ma3x:. CS WC3 #2
.:Ma3x:. CREDO 1.6
.:Ma3x:. CREDO disX5v5
.:Ma3x:. CSL #1
.:Ma3x:. CSL #2
.:Ma3x:. CSL #3
.:Ma3x:. Dust2 vs Inferno v1.6
.:Ma3x:. CS Open
.:Ma3x:. CS Open #2
.:Ma3x:. Respawn #2 Counter-Strike Server 1.6 Server 1.6 Server 1.6 Server 2 1.6 Server 3 1.6 Server 4 SuperHero cs Server Counter-Strike Server 3 Counter-Strike Server CW Server 1.6 cw server cs1
SNT Counter-Strike 1.5
A[D]N CS1.5 Cheathing Death Requerido
A[D]N CS1.5 Cheathing Death Requerido
A[D]N CS1.5 Cheathing Death Requerido
A[D]N CS1.5 Cheathing Death Requerido
Matrix: Down to demolution
CS 1.6 server #2
CS 1.6 server #3
-= DreamCafe =-
Kuzelnet And Club Eagle 1.6 Server #01 CS 1.6 server
thc.eagle.::.5v5 Server
C-Strike Fan Zone
The Vault 5v5
The Vault
CS1 Dnepr AT Server
CS2 Dnepr AT Server
PL .: 5v5 NoSteam :. SYM
PoL (VMTS) CS 1.6 server

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CS 1.6 , 1.5 Servers
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